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Jeffrey Kent - Art & Mental Health

Jeffrey Kent combines dramatic gestures, vivid colors, multiple layers, impasto, and reverse text in his paintings. His struggle with dyslexia (without access to diagnosis and care) is a recurring theme expressed in reverse text. His bricolage artworks consider the history of inequity by manipulating objects of daily life. In his critique of accessibility of the Art World, Kent’s street performances, community investment projects, and multimedia public presentations bring fine art to people who wouldn’t have opportunities to experience it. In addition to his art practices, Kent founded the folded alternative art space in Baltimore, Subbasement Artist Studios (2004-2014); Co-Owner of Unexpected Art Space (2013-2016); Co-founder of Connect+Collect and Director of Promotion and Outreach at BmoreArt (2018-), Artistic Director at The Peale Museum(2019-): designed to create awareness and momentum among art collectors, and promotes a culture of collecting in Baltimore. His artworks are in the collections of Robert W Deutsch Foundation, Hilton Hotels, FTI Consulting Inc., among others.


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